Appreciating Those Who Love Us

Even the worst of parents deserve affirmation and commendation. We all make mistakes; we do not receive an owner’s manual when our children are born.


There are no recommendations for proper care or a trouble shooting guide if something goes wrong. We often read a plethora of books on how to appropriately care and nurture, but each child is an exception because of their differing personality, needs and expectations.


As parents, we have deeply ingrained wounds from our childhood, made by our parents, neighbors, extended family members, teachers, ministers and even strangers who are also wounded souls. Yet, we “soldier on” and do our best as adults.


Most parents sit on the side of the bathtub while our child empties his/her stomach in the toilet, we apply cool cloths for fevers, we rock them or read them a story before they fall asleep, and we buy every over the counter remedy available in order to treat our child’s illnesses.


If these are not effective, we rush our beloved child to the doctor. Their care is our priority, regardless of the expense or resources that their healing requires. We love them more than we love our self, and we sacrifice our needs and desires to help them feel cherished and fulfilled.


We take an interest in their school work; attend extra-curricular sport games, art shows, plays and recitals; go to all of their parent-teacher meetings, enroll them in Scout troops and encourage them in all of their activities and interests.


Parents continue to support us to the best of their ability, even when we insist on making our own mistakes instead of heeding their advice. We are never too old to run to our parents to chat, seek their counsel or cherish their company.



Father God, You are the best example to us of a loving, nurturing parent. You bear with our excuses, accept our apologies, help us in our deficiencies and heal us of our infirmities. You care about us more than anyone else in our life, even though they do their best.


Help us to be more accepting of our parents’ shortcomings and to take an interest in their woundedness. Show us how to nurture them in ways that they missed during their childhood. Help us to shower them with the love that they never received; and Father God, allow us to put a smile on their face more often than we break their heart.


Thought for the Day:

Take care of your mom and dad by showing love and concern for them, being interested in their thoughts, prayers and emotions and helping them in their time of need; after all, they are the only parents you will ever have.



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