Communicating with God

We all have the law of God written on our heart – those who are Born Again, as well as those who are not. Until our spirit experiences rebirth by God’s Spirit, we tend to ignore His precepts, guidance and love for us.


God’s glory is revealed to everyone ever born on the earth. This is accomplished by His Spirit, by His creation, by His Word, and by His authentic Believers sharing His Gospel with everyone we meet (Romans 1:20).


His Word is an ever-present help in leading people to a personal intimacy with the Lord. We display a Bible on our coffee table, and it collects dust; we buy Bibles for friends and loved ones as a special gift, but they are often laid aside or stuck on a self or in a drawer.


It is only as we open the Word of God that its verses will speak to us about the reality of God, and how He desires us to worship Him both in Sprit and in Truth (John 4:24).


Sometimes, God prefers to rest in companionable silence with us, enjoying our company and sharing praise and love with us. His love for us is unconditional, but His fellowship with us is hindered by sin in our life.


The difference is better understood by considering a dirty glass and a clean glass. We readily use a clean glass, but we put the dirty one aside until it is washed and again ready for use.


God is holy and just, and He does not approve of our sin. He has grace and mercy for our human failings, but when we grieve His Spirit, He cannot look on us (Ephesians 4:30).


God never stops communicating with us, unless we grieve His Spirit with our thoughts, words or deeds. He is simply waiting for us to listen to and obey Him.



Father God, Your mercies are new every morning. They never fail us. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. With each passing year in our walk with You, we better come to know Your ways and who You are. We walk in-step with You and grieve you less in our walk and in our talk.


As Your Body, we collectively anticipate Christ coming in Your rapture of Your Saints in the clouds, and we look forward to coming to earth with Him as His Bride, when He makes His second appearance on the earth. In the interim of time, help us to win as many people in our churches and community as will listen to Your Gospel; so that they too may be numbered among our ranks.


Thought for the Day:
The Holy Spirit abiding within us and God’s Word through the Bible, as well as through the Preacher’s sermons are God’s method of communicating His ways and will to us.







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