Hope, Light and Love

Christmas is the season to spread God’s hope and joy. As His love resides within our heart, we can reach out even to the most undesirable person in our sphere of influence, in order to share with them God’s peace, which is centered in His promises and grace.


The lonely, desperate, addicted, destitute members of our society need to know that they matter, that someone genuinely cares about them. If we go the extra mile for them, our attitude and actions put a dent in the armor they use to protect themselves.


The world relegates these wounded individuals to a place of condemnation without any hope of salvation and redemption. Yet, as authentic Believers, we already experienced the restoration which God provides once we surrender our life to Him.


As examples of God’s love to these unfortunate individuals, we follow God’s direction to help them out of their “prison” of darkness, and to come into the glorious light of God’s will for their life.


When we do this, we often need to face our own need for more of God in our life. We accept His forgiveness of our current sins and His love for us, even when we are still sinners (Romans 5:8).


This allows us to surrender the vulnerable parts of our soul – our thoughts, emotions and choices – to Him that we often guard and keep hidden from even our closest family and friends. Our covetousness, discontentment and self-centeredness melt under the heat of God’s loving conviction.


God offers redemption, peace, joy and love to everyone – from the most successful to the least of those according to this world’s standards. He wants to shed His love in our life and restore each of us to a life in His light and hope.



Father God, in this hectic world of our own making, we are often so drained of energy and physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted that we have no desire to reach out to the needy all around us. We hide behind the television screen, our easy chair and an extra nap in order to have an excuse to ignore those who are less fortunate than we are.


Help us to focus on the poor and needy in our community so that You can use us to share the hope and truth that You communicate to us. Give us Your broken heart for the lost in our community and use us to reach out to them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, their only hope of salvation in this world and the next.


Thought for the Day:

Rather than demoting people, who feel judged and rejected with no real hope of restoration, to a place of eternal damnation, we can reach out to them through the love of God and give them in their hopelessness, the reality that they have a place in the Kingdom of God, if they will simply and humbly surrender to our Lord.



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