Enjoying God’s Presence within Us

My major talents are in the area of crafts. I love to do anything that involves string and a needle, beads, or paper and glue. Knitting, crocheting, embroidery, making jewelry and greeting cards, and quilling with paper are all enjoyable and relaxing for me.


Therefore, when I turned my life over to Christ, I feared that I had no talents, which He could use for His Kingdom. I had little more than a genuine trust in Him.


Over the years, I learned that with salvation comes the gift of faith to accomplish all that God calls us to do in our lifetime (Matthew 17:20). No task, which God plans for us to perform, remains beyond His anointing on us to carry it out.


Our faith works in harmony with the works which God’s Spirit leads us to do for Him each moment of the day. These experiences perfect our faith by teaching us to walk in the Spirit and to enjoy the presence of God within us (James 2:22).


We never walk alone, because God fills us with all of His fullness. Works become an indication of our salvation, rather than a prerequisite for it (Ephesians 2:8-10). We learn to obey the Spirit’s promptings in our life regardless of our talents, circumstances or knowledge.


If we give aid to someone outside of God’s will for that person or for us, then we are actually enabling and rescuing, rather than assisting them in a healthy way. Our goal in life is to follow the Spirit’s leading in everything we say and do.



Father God, lead us by Your Spirit moment-by-moment throughout the day, so that we may accomplish the greater works that You commissioned us to perform (John 14:12). Help us to discern the difference between our natural talents and Your gifts and calling on our life.


Remind us that Your Spirit in us is infinitely greater than the boundaries of all of our abilities. You do use our natural talents to bless others at times, but help us to see that our greatest success and fulfillment come by walking in Your Spirit rather than by our own human understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).


Thought for the Day:

It is not always wise to fill every need that our compulsive compassion prompts us to provide; Jesus helped everyone He felt God leading Him to assist, but He did not help everyone.






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