Child-like Faith

A young child is naive, innocent, unprejudiced, accepting of others’ faults, unassuming, frank, sincere, impulsive, free-spirited and guileless.


They are also self-centered, stubborn, willful, demanding and disobedient at times. A child has no secrets and will tell the whole world his/her parents’ secrets too.


They are unsuspicious, defenseless, undisciplined, and cannot provide for their own needs – trusting that their parents will care for them.


As authentic Christians, God desires that we emulate the positive traits of a child in order to enter into His Kingdom. He encourages us to exhibit limitless faith, trust, hope, love and unbridled joy (2 Corinthians 12:9).


We come to Christ in humble simplicity, confessing our sins and throwing our self on His grace and mercy, which is new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23).


Then daily, we grow more and more trusting and reliant on our Father God to supply all of our needs (Romans 8:17). We learn to totally depend on His provision, love, care, presence and Spirit within us (2 Corinthians 12:10).


Abiding in Christ as He abides in us, enables us to mature spiritually into seasoned Christians with the mind of Christ (Matthew 18:4). As we mature, we never lose our child-like qualities that God encourages and desires in all of us.


We throw our self on His mercy each day and watch in amazement as He meets all of our needs though His glorious riches. Even when a vision, that He gives us for ministry, appears hopeless, He always comes through at the last minute in ways that allow Him to receive all of the glory.



Father God, give us the heart of a little child, trusting and true. Help us to walk in sincerity without any guile. Teach us to totally depend upon the guidance of Your Holy Spirit throughout our day. Thank You for providing for our daily needs as we seek first Your Kingdom (Matthew 6:33).


Help us to walk in unity with Your children and to prefer one another with compassion and grace as we walk in Your peace. Use us to further Your Kingdom in this earth. We look forward to spending eternity with all of Your Saints from every nation and tribe throughout all generations.
Thought for the Day:
Humility prevents us from depending on our human abilities, and makes us realize how imperative it is for us to live with childlike dependence upon our Father God.

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