Alone with God

God recommends that we spend some time sitting alone with Him in silence (Lamentations 3:28). This is totally foreign to our normal daily schedule, and is hard to do at first.


We so often rush through life meeting deadlines and using up every ounce of human effort we possess. We slug caffeine to wake us up, and then rely on pills to quell the headaches produced by our hectic lifestyle and to put us to sleep at night.


We depend on self-effort to deal with whatever life throws at us, mistakenly thinking that nothing will ever get done if we do not do it our self.


We forget that God does not leave us abandoned in this world. He does not call us to work for Him, but rather for us to allow Him to work in and through us.


When we sit alone, we are never lonely as long as the Spirit of God resides within our spirit. When we craft deliberate times during our day to be alone – “all-one”- with the Lord, He readily meets us right where we are.


We are united with Him, engulfed by Him and filled through all of our being with Him (Ephesians 3:16-19, Amplified Bible). We can be one with God during every facet of our day.


It is easy to be alone with Him while walking on the sunny beach listening to the lulling cadenced of the swishing surf and the call of gulls floating on the breeze.


However, we can also be alone with God while driving in rush hour traffic commuting to and from work, and also as we move through the routine of our daily life.


God is always within us, ready to commune with us whenever we give Him the chance. All it takes is for us to silence the cacophony within and without; and then to focus all of our attention on His Spirit in us.



Father God, help us to enter that quiet place within our spirit all throughout the day, no matter what responsibilities claim our time, so that we can focus on You and enjoy fellowship with You. We do not need to go into our prayer closet and remain there all day. We simply enter our spirit and walk through life listening to Your wisdom and to the direction of Your Spirit.


Our soul waits silently for You, because You are the source of all of our peace and joy. Our soul finds rest only in You; and our salvation comes from You. We thank You for saving us in spirit, soul and body, and we appreciate all of Your love and care for our every need. We even thank You when You do not speak to us, because it reminds us that You love to spend times of companionable silence with us.


Thought for the Day:

The essential ingredient for growing more intimate with Christ is to spend silent times alone with Him throughout our day.

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