A Good Marriage – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down

When we go to bed angry, those emotions seep into our subconscious mind and continue to affect our feelings toward one another, even when the incident is over and past.


Our mate may have forgotten an important milestone in our relationship, broken a promise made to us, let us down, treated us with unkindness, taken us for granted, ignored us and gave others the attention we needed, showed more chivalry to an acquaintance than to us, said some harsh words to us that were unwarranted, etc.


I am wondering if we always act perfectly, or if we need some grace and forgiveness at times as well. Our mate may tolerate a great deal more negative behavior or attitudes from us than we realize.


We have a choice to let Agape love rule in our relationship or to allow Satan’s lies to blow an incident up out of proportion and rob us of the love God has for us from our mate.


Even if the event reaps dire consequences that affect us as well as them, we are faced with the choice to forgive. The alternative is to nurture resentment, but that will only serve to defile everything in our relationship (Hebrews 12:15).


It is better to find time to journal our feelings; to pinpoint the exact issue causing our hurt or anger; and then to ask our mate for some quality time to logically discuss the issue, when our emotions are not raw and before it has time to embitter us.



Father God, help us not to allow our time to get swallowed up by chatting with friends or relatives on the phone, emailing, messaging or texting via social media, etc.; so that we neglect each other. Sometimes we give our vocation, pets, friends or children more attention than we give to one another. Help us to stop taking each other for granted.


Remind us that if we expect our love and our marriage to last, we can change a few of our habits to include each other in the inner circle of our thoughts and activities. Give us creative ideas to show love to one another, such as: before one of us falls asleep, we can always spend at least 15 minutes together snuggling and chatting with each other. Let us see that this will give us the time to catch each other up on our concerns, talk about family issues that need resolution, or inform each other about important future events or our deepest feelings.


Thought for the Day:

When we frequently communicate what we appreciate in one another, encourage each other through hard times and disappointments, or just stare into each other’s eyes as we kiss each other good night, we strengthen the love that we feel for one another.




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