A Comedy of Errors


One fine December 26th day, God moved my husband and me from pastoring Bonita Springs First Baptist Church in Florida to Valier First Baptist Church in Illinois.


In the ensuing weeks we proceeded to get moved in to the new parsonage; change banks, addresses and insurance companies; and to get a new tag for our van and driver’s licenses for each of us.


Since most of our mail is sent in my husband’s name, I had a bit of trouble proving my new address. Once I jumped that hurdle, I went to the driver’s office again and discovered that the copy of my birth certificate that I used all my life was no longer valid.


Therefore, I came home and sent an envelope stuffed full of paperwork proving that I am me, along with a check to pay for the new birth certificate, to the New Jersey office of birth records.


An envelope came in the mail a few weeks later, with no birth certificate and a request for a copy of my driver’s license. Too funny, right? Since I could not get an Illinois driver’s license without a valid New Jersey birth certificate.


I took a chance and remailed all of the paper work along with a copy of my Florida driver’s license; and a few weeks later, my crisp new birth certificate, sporting the raised seal that the driver’s license office wanted to see, came in the mail.


Grabbing my briefcase, we headed down to the office to discover that there were 25 people ahead of me and the estimated wait time was 2.5 hours.


We left the office for the third time in seven months and my husband recommended that we leave my paperwork in the glove compartment of the car, so we could drop in to the office when there were fewer people in line, which I did.


Over the next few days, we drove by the office on the way to nursing home and hospital visits to see our church family members.


One day, there were very few cars in the parking lot, so we took a chance. There were only five people ahead of me and we giggled in delight.


When the clerk called my number, I proudly proceeded to the counter and showed off my starched new birth certificate and all my other paperwork to the smiling emissary of the government.


She said, “This is all good. Now I just need your current Florida driver’s license.” I hung my head and started to cackle. She stared at me in shock, and I had to admit that I left home without my purse that morning and I did not have my current license.


Well, of course, she could not help me, and I had to leave the office yet again without my new license; with the promise of returning another day when I had all my little ducks lined up in a straighter row.


We shared a good laugh as we proceeded to the closest nursing home on our rounds. I’m beginning to wonder why I even need a driver’s license since I rarely drive…but it’s that rarely for which I am planning ahead. I live to try again another day.


God is so funny sometimes, thwarting our human efforts to supply our own needs, so that we will rely solely on Him to work out everything for our ultimate good.


Stay tuned for … the rest of the story!!! …kat







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