Experiencing Disassociated Trauma – Part 1

Our current emotions are often fueled or triggered when a current event touches an emotional point from our past that we disassociated from all those years ago, but that reflects what we are feeling at the moment.


Two different events, at different periods of time, but very similar in make-up and emotional and/or physical pain. They will often join forces to magnify our current responses.


Some people view our overwhelming reaction as uncalled for, because they do not understand the connection of the unresolved conflict of the past adding fuel to the “fire” of our current circumstances.


Many adults suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but never served in the military. They are, however, victims of domestic abuse, neglect or deprivation. All of the pain we felt in childhood comes flooding back when we come up against a similar experience as an adult.


The advice that well-meaning or frustrated family members give us is to memorize and then quote Bible verses in order to change our focus, which they purport will change our thinking and our emotional responses.


This may momentarily help our thoughts, but it does not heal our deep seated emotional wounds. The tidal wave of emotions that are currently overwhelming us are driven by the undercurrents from our past incidents.


We originally responded to these past wounds by building walls and hiding behind masks. We use vehement negative emotions such as anger to attempt to protect our self from future abuse, neglect and deprivation.


We may also feel shame, fear or self-disparaging emotions associated with how we felt as a baby, child or teenager. We can feel an array of negative sensations from our body and soul during these flashbacks.


Some people have suicidal thoughts or find unusual physical positions that feel “safe” to us (such as the fetal position). These are reactions from past memories, which are buried deep within our soul, in our subconscious mind.


God is always ready, willing and able to bring healing and to restore what the proverbial locust have eaten and the cankerworms destroyed, if we have the courage to face our past and the faith to stand firm on the Rock of Christ in our future (Joel 2:25; 1 Corinthians 10:4).



Father God, You taught us not to rely any longer on human reasoning, but to walk in Your Heavenly wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:25; James 1:5).  When we trust in You, You always calm our soul in the storms of life. You encourage us through one of Your Saints, or a verse from Your Word, and You always place a new song in our heart (Psalm 40:3).


We have no fear of harm because You abide within us, You share our yoke of burdens with us, and You plant a seed for a miracle within every trial that we experience. Our duty is to trust You and to obey You, while You work out everything for our ultimate good – no matter how destructive and devastating our current trials appear (Romans 8:28).


Thought for the Day:

God desires to heal these old wounds in our soul; and He will use the Saints in His Body to pray with us through spiritual warfare to receive this healing, or He will meet us in our secret place and speak His truth directly to our soul.



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