The Sovereignty of God

God knows how we really feel, and He is not disappointed in us when we express our discouragement or disappointment with the events in our life.


He gives us time to grieve our losses and He comforts us through every valley which He brings us through in this life. If we fail to take the time to grieve, we will never recover from the wounds we receive in this lifetime.


As we lose our fear of God’s plan for our life, and are willing to trust in His goodness and sovereignty, we see miracles happen around us and through us that we never thought possible.


We no longer fear a negative answer to our prayers, because we know without any doubt that God has our best interest at heart. We may experience some disappoint at first, but this changes to joyful anticipation as our trust in Him grows (Job 2:10).


The prayer that never fails is, “Lord, Your will be done.” Not our will, but the will of God alone is paramount for our life and for His Kingdom’s growth in this earthly realm.


As we relinquish our pride and our desire to control life to keep our self safe, we come to realize that God has our best interest in the center of His heart.


We eventually surrender to His wisdom, goodness and love and find fulfillment on this side of Heaven as we also reap rewards in eternity.



Father God, continue to prune us so that we bear more fruit for Your Kingdom with our every thought, word and deed. Give us a complete picture of the magnitude of Your Sovereignty in our life. You have ultimate control over every aspect of life – even over the devil. You know what we need before we do; and You are always ready, willing and able to meet all of our needs.


Although we may think that we know what we need, you ultimately know what is absolutely best for us. You are already working out everything in our life for our good, and You have the puzzle of events arranged in Your order so that they transpire in Your timing and way. Give us Your patience to wait on Your wisdom.


Thought for the Day:
Living in this sin-filled world is hard at best, due to all of the sorrow and trouble that we face every day; God does not orchestrate our life to allow us to live in stress-free circumstances, but He walks with us and in us through every ordeal that we face.



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