God Fulfills Us

Complete fulfillment cannot come to us through a person, place, pet, event or thing. Total, satisfying fulfillment comes only from God.


The reason for this is that God created us as a triune being, just as He is triune. God is Father, Son and Spirit. We are body, spirit and soul – our feelings, thoughts and choices. No one person can satisfy all of these aspects for us, because they are not capable.


Many people will tire of their mate after an extended period of marriage. The work to keep the relationship fresh is too much of a burden. We get bored with each other, wounded by our mate’s behavior, or tired of being neglected, ignored or taken for granted.


We find someone else who actually appreciates us and enjoys spending time with us, and we are ready to jump ship. The problem with this action is that in a short time, we will feel the same way about this new person that we felt about our former mate.


We will even miss things about our former mate that this new person fails to fulfill in us. Some people change mates constantly looking for the “one” who is their perfect soul mate. This will never happen.


The reason this is impossible is that we are all human, and our real hunger is spiritual and divine. We can get close by choosing a compatible mate, but only Jesus fulfills every aspect of our being (Ephesians 3:16-19, Amplified Bible).


Humans crave to give and receive love and respect on a deep level in our soul and spirit. This is too tall of an order for any one person to supply for us; but Jesus is out perfect lover (Isaiah 54:5; 2 Corinthians 11:2).



Father God, we have a deep need for love and affirmation – an ache caused by loneliness, fear, depression and shame from the past. We find our completion with peace, love, joy and security only under the shelter of Your wings (Psalm 91:4). Remind us not to despise the mate that You gave us and not to forsake them when our soul is sick and searching for fulfillment that can only come through You.


Help us to realize that the wounds from our past will prevent us from finding satisfaction in anyone other than Jesus. Keep us from rebounding from one relationship to another in an attempt to find the perfect person that will complete us. This unhealthy practice only serves to damage us all the more and to drive the pain of the past deeper into our subconscious mind. Help us to stay pure and to walk in Your holiness.


Thought for the Day:

When we live our life attempting to fill our emotional needs through people, places, events, pets or things, we prolong our hunger for love and acceptance and end up spinning our wheels; yet, when we go to God for our fulfillment, He fills our entire being with all of His fullness. – Ephesians 3:16-19, Amplified Bible





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