Victory in Trials

Without the aid of God’s Holy Spirit in our life, we often drown in negative emotions and fail to experience victory over our trials (John 15:5). We suffer with overwhelming feelings of failure, depression, anger, etc.


With the Trinity of God dwelling in our spirit, we are more than conquerors and can experience victory in every trial. God’s power flows through us and from us as He changes our world all around us, causing us to rejoice in Him as the God of our salvation.


He meets our needs with abundance, showers us with His blessings, rejoices over us with singing and looks forward to our homecoming to heaven (Romans 8:37; Zachariah 3:17; James 1:12).


Jesus is our great High Priest, who is our advocate with our Heavenly Father (Hebrews 4:14-16). He experienced the hardships of life in the same negative intensity that we often do, yet He never sinned (Philippians 3:10).


Our Savior voluntarily left His home in the glories of Heaven to bring us salvation from every negative aspect of life. He softens the blow for us when trials, persecution, rejection, abandonment, homelessness, fickle friends, etc. invade our serenity.


He walks through trials with us and provides us with His power, mercy, grace, love, peace and joy in order to give us the strength to face anything which life, the world, our own flesh, and the devil throw at us.


Jesus teaches us to be led continually by His presence in us and by the direction of His Holy Spirit. We trust in Him and allow Him to work in and through us each moment of our day. When God directs our efforts, we accomplish much more than we ever thought possible.



Father God, thank You that Your presence in us gives us an abundant, fulfilled life here on this earth. Remind us to use each new day to make a difference in our world, as we win lost sinners to Your saving grace. We can never thank You enough for keeping us safe in life’s storms and for guaranteeing our place with You in eternity.


Thank You for sending Jesus to die on Calvary’s cross in order to pay the penalty for our sins and to offer the whole world redemption through His resurrection and abiding presence in our life. We rejoice in the fact that His selfless sacrifice guarantees us a place in Your Kingdom to enjoy Your blessings throughout eternity.


Thought for the Day:

Jesus gives authentic Believers the opportunity to be one with Him in perfect love and acceptance, apart from any good deeds, pious performances or imposed restrictions, which come from self-effort or living up to the standards and expectations of other people.





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