A Good Marriage – Fail-proofing Our Marriage

Some spouses allow the devil to addict them to certain sins. This opens the door for Satan to plant a whole host of demons into their life. They become abusive, unreasonable and make poor choices that affect our life as well as theirs.


A separation for a period of reconciliation is often helpful in times like these to keep us safe, to give us a cooling off period and to get counseling together to hopefully reunite us as a couple.


However, when the spouse will not change his/her behavior, receive counseling or take needed medication to supply their body with chemicals that it no longer produces, this complicates the relationship.


Paul discussed this issue when he recommended that it is better to live as a single person, except in the incidence where human passions demands the parameters of marriage, or where immorality gives a person grounds for divorce.


Most authentic Believers desire to improve their marriage. Some people read incessantly from books, articles and blogs suggesting ways to improve their marriage. God will use us to bless one another on a daily basis.


He also helps us to see the positive aspects in our spouse – even in the midst of his/her irritating quirks and disappointments. We live with an open mind to God’s will, and we appreciate our spouse’s positive traits and cherish their existence in our life.


We can pray together to help each other to heal and to receive counseling for unresolved issues from our past; or from current issues that we caused by our own words, decisions and behavior.


Father God, a three-fold chord is not easily broken, and as we stay intimately connected to You and to our spouse on a daily basis, we strengthen and fail proof our marriage. As we bring our relationship to You, we discover strength and wisdom from Your Spirit to deal with every day’s controversies and trials.


We stand before You as little children, with faith and trust that You will supply us with everything that we need to maintain our friendship and love for one another throughout our lifetime. Lead us by Your Spirit and help us to bless our spouse with the fruit of Your Spirit within us as we heal from past trauma and to repent of current sins which cause stress in our relationship.


Thought for the Day:

Deep wounds from the past, some of which are buried in our subconscious mind, may hinder us from being the spouse God calls us to be; God is willing and able to show us those wounds, heal them and give us a new perspective on life and our marriage.


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