God’s Truth

As human beings we depend too much on the approval, attention, appreciation, affirmation and affection of other human beings. Then we get disappointed and disillusioned when we do not receive that desired thoughtfulness from others.


As authentic Believers, we know that God lives within us and is our only true, constant and consistent source of comfort, care, concern and correction. He delights in bringing us into His truth.


As we use our prayer journal to examine the angering, aggravating, agonizing, annoying and awful circumstances we are experiencing, we write down how these issues are wounding our body, soul and spirit.


God’s Spirit gives us wisdom to recognize these matters and the courage to face them head-on in order to discover His Truth about each one of them.


As we examine each issue, we discover if our perception of the matter is accurate, or a product of lies told to us by our flesh, the world of the devil.


At times our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being is compromised by our beliefs concerning certain matters we are facing. As the Serenity Prayer suggests, if we cannot change the issue, we can leave it to God to work out in His own timing and way.


We cannot change the behavior or thinking of someone else, but we can alter our perspective and beliefs. This will transform our thoughts and behavior.



Father God, Your Spirit gives us the mind of Christ through ever increasing stages of Your glory as He frees us from the tyranny of our insecurities, fears and wounds from our past. Help us to brutally attack the lies which hold us in bondage and which keep us from serving You in the fullness of Your Spirit.


Embracing the past and fearlessly facing our future with the confidence that You inspire in our soul and spirit help us to freely and fully live each moment of time, while we enjoy the fact that You are enabling us to victoriously experience each second of time. Help us also to let go of our penchant to abuse our self for the sake of others and to walk outside of Your will for us because of a codependent focus.


Thought for the Day:

Christ in us enables us to more readily forgive our self and others. Forgiveness and gratitude are key ingredients to a peaceful life. When Jesus sets us free, we are free indeed.

– John 8:36



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