Emotions Reflecting God on the Throne of Our Life

Internalizing negative emotions does not rid us of them, but simply delays our reaction to them. Then when they do manifest in our soul, their intensity is multiplied due to their combined force.


These internalized negative emotions also birth other negative emotions such as fear, worry, depression and ultimately anger, which we use to protect our self.


They even cause us to attempt to control other people and their behavior in an attempt to keep our self safe and our life on an even keel. This never works well, however.


This behavior puzzles the people we relate to on a daily basis and causes them to think negatively toward us rather than to help us with each issue as it arises.


It causes the people in our life to resent us and what they view as our manipulation, because they never feel in control of their own life. They end up walking on eggshells around us, never knowing when the volcano of our emotions will erupt.


The better habit to adopt is to honestly but kindly express how we are really feeling and ask others to help us to resolve each issue as we are experiencing it.


This often prevents our overwhelming negative response to life or to someone’s words or actions toward us. If we are open and honest about our negative feelings, we gain the empathy from God, our family and our friends that we need to overcome them.


Fear no longer hinders us. We accept our self just the way we are, and we look to God to perfect us. We open up to emotionally safe people in our life and avoid living with the consequences of panic and anger.


Reflecting God’s precepts in our thoughts, words and deeds is an indication of who is on the throne of our life. We fail to live for Him or testify of Him with our life if the flesh, the world or the devil is who we reflect.



Father God, when we are controlled by our negative emotions, we narrow our relationships, our willingness to participate in events outside of our own home and we fearfully refuse to walk in Your Spirit and ways. We end up avoiding any activity that may trigger feelings of anxiety within our soul.


Give us a holy boldness that is centered in You rather than a life centered on our own fears and anxiety. This way our negative emotions are not compounded or worsened by strategies that merely avoid or mask them. Help us to walk in Your Spirit and to trust in You through each moment of our day.


Thought for the Day:

As we submit our will and ways to God, His sanctifying process transforms us into the likeness of Christ, and we reflect His glory from one stage of perfection to the next, which comes from Christ abiding in us by His Spirit. – 2 Corinthians 3:16-18



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