Effectual Prayers of Intercession

No matter what physical state we find our self in as we age, the ministry of an intercessor is always readily accessible to us. Prayer is the most important ministry in which anyone can serve.


Prayer is even more important than any other duty we performed in our past busy schedule of service to our community and to God’s family.


Intercession is a vital ministry for the Saints of God in this evil and perverse and unstable world. It is also important to help the church to reach the lost for Christ.


Prayer is our time alone with God. We separate our self from a busy life, take a deep breath and enjoy God presence. He provides us with His grace, mercy, renewal and unity all the days of our life.


We experience real empathy with those we pray for and may even identify with their plight in life, because we suffered similar issues to theirs.


Jesus suffered everything we suffered, especially when He bore our sins on the cross (1 Peter 4:1). Jesus intercedes for us and is our advocate with our Father God (1 John 2:1).


The Holy Spirit will actually pray through us, if we step aside long enough to allow Him to do so. We may find our self groaning in the intensity of His prayers through us or even crying for no reason of which we are aware.


God’s Spirit knows the reason for our tears, and He is the One praying through us. He shares with us the heart of God and we experience the burdens that He carries.


We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and His presence within us gives us the link we need for God to hear our prayers. As we experience the battle going on in heavenly places, we intercede with perseverance as the Holy Spirit and God’s angel army does battle in the spiritual realm (Daniel 10).



Father God, we count it a privilege that You include us in the ministry of intercession for Your Saints and for the lost in our world. We stand in awe of You and Your mighty works as You defeat the devil and his demons in each case. We give You all of the praise and glory for Your care for each one of us.


Your power amazes us and we thrill at the oneness we feel with Your Trinity as we intercede with spiritual authority given to us by You as we pray. Deliverance comes as we rest in You by faith in Your faithfulness. Thank You for teaching us to pray effectual prayers without flowery, empty words (James 5:16).


Thought for the Day:

God’s Spirit takes us into God’s presence as we pray, where our natural talents and abilities are not needed, because only Christ in us can accomplish the will of God for each moment. – Colossians 1:27



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