Healing Escalating Anxiety

Intense anxiety, panic attacks and adrenalin jolts mess with both our body and soul – our emotions, thoughts and choices. We often equate these times with a lack of spirituality and belittle our self because of them.


Studies estimate that one in eight people in America experience frequent anxiety – some of which is actually debilitating. We often feel anxious, because we also feel trapped, out of control and unsafe.


Like an animal caught in a trap, we struggle to get free of whatever is causing us pain. This increases our pain, because we are attempting to get what we want during a hopeless situation.


We feel vulnerable and defenseless. Our emotions take on feelings that are disproportionate to our circumstances. Our imagination plays tricks on us and Satan whispers lies that compound our fear.


We can circumvent these issues by trusting in God alone. He has a perfect plan, including giving us a way to escape our negative issues. As we take inventory of our needs, emotions and fears, and give them to the Lord, we receive His empathy and wisdom, which calms our anxiety.


We live in the moment and do not worry about the past or fear the future. We stop collecting negative emotions and storing little fears that creep into our life all day every day.


We pay attention to our body, soul and spirit and take an inventory throughout the day. It helps to write in a journal any issues, which come into our awareness. Then we can offer these up to God in prayer.


As we cast our cares on Him, we know without a doubt that we are safe, because He absolutely cares about every aspect of our life and has a perfect plan for us in them, or in spite of them (Ephesians 2:10; Romans 8:28).



Father God, please help us to realize that stress and anxiety take a negative toll on the health of our body, soul and spirit. Do not allow us to suppress our primary emotions, which spiral out of control in our mind and cause a panic attack. You have a perfect plan for any stress, struggles, challenges, abuse or busyness, which inflict themselves on the peace and joy of our day.


Help us to stop denying our feelings, fearing that they indicate a lack of spirituality in us. Remind us that we are human beings, and that is okay; because that is how You made us. You want us to reach a state of brokenness and come to the end of our self and our human resources, so that we will trust completely in You alone.


Thought for the Day:

When we feel hopeless, with no way out of our circumstances, we often take our eyes off Jesus and keep them focused on the negative issues in our life instead; seeing God’s empathy and wisdom in our circumstances help us to realize that we have power through Christ over all things.



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