Not of This World

People ask me if I miss my former home and all of my friends; and I have to say that I feel so at home here in my new home that I do not feel any loss. ”Home” to me is wherever Jesus is calling me to live, no matter where that happens to be.


When we put our trust in other people, places or things, we are constantly disappointed. Yet, hoping in God provides us with the faith and love that we need to joyfully survive in this world (Colossians 1:5).


He helps us to adjust and to embrace our new lifestyle with joy in our heart, wings on our feet and purpose for our days. Heaven is our true home, so no matter what state or country we live in on this earth, we are always at home in Christ.


God has prepared a wonderful and eternal home for us in Heaven. He is even now creating New Jerusalem that will come down out of heaven and provide a mansion for all of the Saints – past, present and future – to dwell in together. What a glorious day that will be.


Imagine having Moses or Noah or Enoch for a neighbor; but even more so, imagine dwelling with Jesus as His bride for eternity. When we gain an immortal focus, we lose the anxiety and stress of living in this present world (Isaiah 63:15).



Father God, so often we spend our whole life accumulating earthly treasures, when it is the treasure that we store up in heaven that really counts (Matthew 6:20). Help us to sever our attachment to things and people and places in this world and to keep our eyes on the prize of living in eternity with You (Philippians 3:14).


Give us Your strength to take each day in stride, to keep Jesus as our focus and to maintain our hope in You. Help us to realize those divine appointments that You supply in order for us to share Christ with others and to win the lost to a life of peace and joy that only an authentic life with You can provide.


Thought for the Day:

This world is not our home, we are only here to accomplish God’s purpose for our life; then, we will spend eternity with our Father God and with all of our family and friends who trust in Jesus as their Savior; we look forward to this eventful reunion.




Living in the Moment – God’s Ultimate Purpose

The good thing about living in the moment is that once the moment passes, it is gone forever! Each moment is a gift from God – even the negative ones – and walking in God’s will for each minute is our gift back to God.


Scripture has many references to the topic of God’s Will for us: giving thanks, knowing God and Jesus whom He sent, living a holy life which is set apart from sin.


God also has a specific will for each of us (Ephesians 2:10). As we obediently align each moment of our day with His will, He leads us in the way we should go – even inspiring our activities and which road to take to get there.


The key to walking in all of the fruit of God’s Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) is patience. I’m learning that when we finally walk in patience, we will exhibit all of the Holy Spirit’s fruit.


We wait on the Lord and follow His perfect timing and way so that we can rise on eagle’s wings, run and not get weary and walk in His paths and not get faint in doing good (Isaiah 40:31).


God reveals to us His ultimate purpose for our life one moment at a time. We come to a revelation of the true meaning of eternal life, realizing that it starts for us at the moment of our salvation and continues on throughout eternity (1 Timothy 6:11-12).


Thankfully, Jesus is the Vine and God grafted us to that Vine when we humbled our self and called out to Him for salvation (John 15:4). When we realized our depravity and our need for a Savior, we came to Christ and received the fullness of His life, fruit, wisdom and strength in addition to eternal rewards (John 15:8).






We totally trust in God’s goodness, direction, provision, love, joy and peace through every moment of our day. He conforms us the divine nature and image of His Son (Romans 8:29) as we totally surrender to His will for us.



Father God, You call each of us to live with thankful hearts and to wait on You each moment of our day. We sing songs of gratitude and praise, read Your Word and grow and mature spiritually and follow the direction of Your Spirit in order to walk in Your ways.


There is no scenario in our life that would prevent us from walking in Your will for us. Even if we lose our ability to walk, talk, see or hear, we can live a life of praise and prayer. We rejoice regardless of the trials we face, because Your entire Trinity abides within us. We praise You with every breath we take.


Thought for the Day:

Viewing our life from God’s perspective frees us from unrealistic expectations of Him that are obviously not His perfect will for us; they may be our desires, but if He is not providing them, they are not His will for us in this moment of time.


Winning Spiritual Warfare

God gives us the privilege of His invitation to draw near to Him and to resist the devil, so that he will have to flee from us (James 4:7-11). This gift is the key to winning spiritual warfare.


We are often so blinded and consumed by the guilt and burdens from our past, the confusion and turmoil of the present, and the fear of the unknown elements of the future, that we give the devil permission to destroy our body and soul – our thoughts, choices and emotions.


God’s Spirit gives us the desire to live a fulfilled Christian life, as well as His power to overcome successfully (Philippians 2:12-13). With Christ in us, we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:31-39).


Christ dwells in our spirit by His Spirit and changes us from the inside out (2 Corinthians 5:17). This combination reigns supreme over our weakened body and scattered soul, bringing order and spiritual maturity to our life.


God’s Spirit improves our health, exchanges our negative thoughts and emotions with pure, peaceful ideals and feelings (Philippians 4:8), and fills our spirit with His fullness (Ephesians 3:16-19).



Father God, Your Word is spirit and life to us (John 6:63). You complete us with the truth of Your salvation (John 1:1-18). We have Your Trinity in our spirit from the moment of salvation (1 John 4:17). We lack nothing that we need to accomplish Your will for our life.


Remind us not to allow Satan to conform us to the mold of this world or to tempt us with the lusts of our flesh, but to walk in Your Spirit each moment of the day (Galatians 5:15-25). Your presence in us allows us to experience victory over the tests of our faith, and Your grace gives us the ability to traverse the trials of this life and to walk in Your will all the days of our life (Romans 12:2).


Thought for the Day:
Even when we do not see the purpose of the current circumstances of our life, we know they will work out for our good as we follow the direction of God’s Spirit and trust in Him with our whole heart. – Romans 8:28


Replicating Christ in This World


God calls us to live each moment of our day in His presence, carrying out His will, walking by the direction of His Spirit and luxuriating in His peace, joy and abundant love.


Whenever we walk in God’s presence, He goes with us and He offers us His rest (Exodus 33:14). We have His presence resident with us, but we usually forget that He abides within us; so we do our own thing and work “for” Him.


This is when we experience stress, anxiety, and debilitating fears and anger over what is demanded of us each day. Instead, God calls us to allow Him to work “through” us and to accomplish His will “in” and “by” us.


We focus on Christ in us and we replicate Christ in the world around us. The things of this life are no longer our priority and our whole reason for living is to advance the Kingdom of God here in this world (Galatians 2:20).


As God leads us, we work in the vocation to which He calls us – whether preacher, mechanic, school teacher, sales associate, etc. – we do it all for His glory rather than our own (1 Corinthians 10:31).


We live in continual prayer, asking for His direction for our thoughts, words and actions (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). His faith in us empowers us to accomplish everything that He calls us to do (Galatians 2:20).


His yolk is not burdensome and full of rules and regulations (Mathew 11:30). He writes His law on our heart, so we will no longer live as slaves to sin or reap its destruction in our life (Psalm 119:11).


He gives us His peace, joy, rest and love; humbles our heart; and blesses us with every good and perfect gift (James 1:17; Matthew 11:28-29). As we relinquish all of our worries and cares to Him, His peace guards our body, soul and spirit (Philippians 4:6-7).



Father God, You have mercy on us because of Your unconditional love and great compassion. You erase the effects of our past sin in our life and You heal us from its recurrent influence over our life. You wash us clean of the shame, which Satan heaped on us to keep us a prisoner of his kingdom. You purified us from the hold of guilt and devastation, which sin had on our life (Psalm 51:1-2).


The spiritual battle in which the devil engages us, once we turn our life over to You, is a trial at times. However, as we trust in You alone, You send Your angels to keep guard over us and to deliver Your answers to our prayers (Psalm 91:11-12: Daniel 10). You give us all good things to enjoy. For this we give You all of the glory and all of our praise both now and for eternity.


Thought for the Day:

When we totally surrender our will and aspirations to God’s, we reap His continual blessings each moment of our life; because we are no longer citizens of this world alone, but we are citizens of heaven and we lay up our treasure there rather than in this world, which is doomed to destruction. – Matthew 6:20


A Good Marriage – Clinging Together

Little foxes of disagreement move into our marriage all the time. They burrow deeply in the recesses of our mind and emerge now and then when they are disturbed.


They creep in, bringing conflict in the areas of: finances, careers, children, addictions, housekeeping, television preferences, habits, little inconsiderations, etc.


Occasionally they ravage our soul and cause us to feel discouraged, disgruntled, disillusioned, depressed, angry, exasperated or just plain ready to bury our head under the covers and give up. This is a sad state of affairs.


Rather than stuffing negative feelings inside to cause problems later, it is possible to cleanse our soul of these little foxes and to persevere in our marriage by logically talking about them as they arise.


God’s Spirit enables us to communicate with love in our heart for one another. We cherish each other and desire to keep one another from feeling hurt due to our frustration. He gives us hope for a new tomorrow devoid of these little foxes (Song of Solomon 2:15).


We face the unknown aspects of the future with more joy in our heart when we do not allow the dross of our past (individual and joint past) to weigh us down.


Hope in Christ saves us, even when we can see no solution for our issues, especially when we wait on Him together with a persevering attitude (Romans 8:24-25).


We lay our life, our preferences, our goals, our solutions and our plans down for one another, even making sacrifices for the greater good of our family, until we come to a mutual agreement about any disagreements.


When we go the extra mile for one another, it puts feet to our love and increases our affectionate feelings for each other. It shows our spouse that what they consider to be important is important to us as well.



Father God, help us to resolve any conflicts lingering between us, so the little foxes do not spoil our relationship. We do not pray for You to change our spouse, but to change us instead. Give us the fruit of Your Spirit so that we can love one another with Your agape love. Remind us that when we pray together, we learn more about one another and how to communicate better with each other.


We promised on our wedding day to endure in our marriage until death. Teach us to love and honor each other as we love and honor You. Help us to pass down to our children the example and the ability to persevere through trials. Teach us to treat each other with kindness and preference, and to cling to one another, all the days of our life together.


Thought for the Day:

A kind person is patient above all else in addition to being gentle, generous and caring; Christ in us will teach us kindness and give us ideas for generous actions, considerate behavior and encouraging words for one another – especially when our soul – our thoughts, feelings and choices – does not feel like it.



God’s Eternal, Loving Arms

Most Human Beings have an indomitable soul that never gives up. We pull our self up by our boot strap and press on, ever striving to reach our desired results. We have bucket lists and birthday wish lists and to-do lists that we consult religiously.


Yet in Christ, our true success comes only by surrendering our efforts and trusting in Him. The more we trust Him with our whole heart, refusing the interference of our human reasoning and follow God’s directions, the more success we experience – often effortlessly on our part.


The Christian walk is 90% spiritual warfare; therefore, we are defeated at every turn when we attempt to follow human advice. When we seek God in His Word and with prayer, He sends His angel army to defeat Satan’s demonic forces in order to answer our prayers (Daniel 10).


When we live without expectations, but walk in the Spirit each moment of the day, life is an adventure that surprises us with its simplicity as God uses us to impact the world around us.


As we rest in God’s eternal, loving arms, He carries us through trials and successfully navigates the mine fields in every battle. Resting in the Lord removes stress and anxiety from our soul and allows us to walk in His peace and joy.


Our attitude mirrors that which Jesus portrayed on His way to the Cross. We pray the prayer that never fails, “Lord not my will, but Yours be done” (Mark 14:36). This prayers releases our spirit to hear from God and our soul from a bombardment of negative emotions.


Trusting the Lord keeps us on an even keel and helps us to balance our focus on His Kingdom rather than on the carnal world around us (Galatians 2:20). We refuse to entertain doubt and confusion. Instead, we live in faith and submission to God.



Father God, we cannot improve our life by worrying about what we do not have and fearing the future which we cannot see (Matthew 6:31-32). You are our Father and You know what is best for each one of us. You love us all individually and withhold answers to our prayers, which may ultimately harm us in the future. Yet, You continually give us good things to enjoy.


You know our future and You equip us with what we need to face the challenges and to overcome the struggles (Matthew 6:33). You cause even our enemies to live in peace with us (Proverbs 16:7). Your grace is always sufficient for us in every loss and gives us Your joy as our strength to overcome every trial. We give you all of the praise and glory that is due to Your name.


Thought for the Day:

As we trust in the Lord during every trial that threatens to choke the life from us, He sustains us and gives us His peace to guard our heart and mind.


Benefits of Spiritual Disciplines

We form habits in our life that help us to accomplish more than one action at a time, and to remember to do them in a timely fashion. Spiritual disciplines are even more important than earthly ones.


They help us to keep our focus on God’s Kingdom every day. Bible study, praying without ceasing, doing God’s will, abiding in His rest, walking in the Spirit, etc. are just a few important spiritual habits, which we can form.


Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, but we have no fear of him, because we have abundant life through Jesus who lives within us (John 10:10). We have no cause to be anxious about anything.


Worshipping God and sitting quietly at His feet are two of my favorite daily spiritual practices. You may wonder how I have time to spend this alone time with God due to my busy schedule as a Pastor’s wife.


One way is that I limit my time on social media and watching television. I make sure I have healthy meals prepared for my family and then I pray about which daily chores God wants me to accomplish that day.


I do not attempt to do all the needed chores in one day; just those that God’s Spirit directs me to do, and the rest I leave for another day to accomplish at His Spirit’s direction. I actually get more done that way without stress and feeling burdened.


When we pray about everything, the peace of God, which transcends all human reasoning, guards our thoughts and emotions because of Christ’s completed work on the cross (Philippians 4:6-7).


God provides for all of our needs and He even blesses our children through thousands of generations, because we walk in His ways (Exodus 20:6; Deuteronomy 5:10, 7:9).



Lord Jesus, thank You for the salvation you secured for us through Your scourging, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection. Thank You for the freedom we have now through Your resurrection life within us.


Help us to walk worthy of your sacrifice and help us to live as a testimony of Your goodness and holiness (Ephesians 4:1; Colossians 1:10; 1 Thessalonians 2:12). Let others see Christ in us as we traverse through our day in Your service, regardless of our vocation.


Thought for the Day:

“I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” – Psalm 37:5


A Life of Contentment

Living life with a carnal perspective robs us of the true joy of walking in the Spirit. Last week, our GPS ran out of bars and we were stranded in the country without directions.


Just before we gave up the hope of arriving at our destination and drove back the way we came, we prayed and followed God’s peace in our spirit. God gave my husband recall of the name of one of the streets on which we were to turn, and we did.


After many miles of praying and following God’s peace, we finally were able to stop at the first retail store we found to ask directions. The proprietor was a long time resident of the area and confirmed that we were on the right road.


It turned out that the Holy Spirit led us to within a few blocks of our destination; and we were able to complete the reason for our trip successfully. It warmed our hearts to see God work on our behalf in such a practical way.


With His Spirit directing us, we never lose our connection like we did with our GPS. The world is tentative at best; but when we live to do the will of God, we live in contentment (1 John 2:17).


When God is in control of our life, we find fulfillment and success. We seek His direction for each moment of our day, and He directs our path (Proverbs 3:5-6). He works out everything for our ultimate good (Romans 8:28).


We learn contentment at His feet and trust Him in the bad times as well as the good (Philippians 4:12). We serve Him without compromise and reap the rewards of a faithful life.



Father God, it was a miracle in the making as we watched in awe while Your Spirit directed our path in that very practical way. Rather than return home without completing our purpose, we returned home with a freezer full of grass-fed beef that I needed to sustain my chemical free diet.


I can never thank You enough for caring so much about me that You gave me yet another “birthday month” gift. You are our true love, and we trust in You with every aspect of our life in body, soul and spirit. Continue to give us Your divine appointments so that we can lead others to enjoy this same spirit-directed life.


Thought for the Day:

When the world’s ways fail us, God’s ways are always true and righteous all together. – Psalm 145:17


Hope in God Alone

God chose us in Christ before the world began, because of His foresight of who would accept and who would reject Him. With this foreknowledge, He joyfully predestined us as His children (Ephesians 1:5).


If Jesus Christ is the center of our universe, we stay in a structured orbit around Him; but without Him as the focus of our life, we sling out into life without any stability. There is a permanent remedy for this situation.


God gives us eternal life even now on this earth, if we invite Christ into our lives. If we do not have Christ, we do not have any lasting quality of life (1 John 5:11-13).


Through Christ’s sacrificial death in our place, God redeemed us from hell. He reveals His daily will for our life if we will still our soul and meditate on the fact that He is our God.


As we put our hope in God alone, He works out everything for our pleasure (Romans 8:28). He seals us with His Spirit, who is our down payment on our inheritance of His Kingdom (Ephesians 1:3-14).


The moment we choose to believe on His name, He gives us the keys to His Kingdom and we start enjoying His blessing now in this sin-cursed world.


We can never out-give the Lord. He blesses us in proportion to our faith and our faithfulness to give both our tithe to the storehouse of the church in which He calls us to serve, and our offering to the needy all around us.




Father God, sometimes we feel lonely and insecure. Our life is unstable and incomplete. You planned the planets in our solar system to orbit in a predictable pattern, because the sun is a stable center of gravitational pull. You decided that without that pull, the planets would sling out into the universe without any order.

Many people enjoy time alone with You with no disruptions or expectations. Some people despise being alone and must be with someone all the time. The joy of authentic Christianity is that we do not need to be around people or totally alone, because Christ is in us and with us constantly. Thank You for calling us and giving us the grace and humility to hope in You alone for our salvation.


Thought for the Day:

God never leaves us or forsakes us like people do, and He never sleeps (Hebrews 13:5; Isaiah 42:16); He keeps us safely tucked into the palm of His hand and under the shelter of His wings for all eternity.

Our True Freedom in Christ

Sin is not part of our new nature in Christ. It is a useless branch attached to us from the past fleshly passions in our body and soul (Romans 7:15-20).


God wants to prune these useless branches from our life, because they will suck the life right out of our new divine nature (2 Peter 1:4).


The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus sets us free from the law of sin and death that formerly reigned over us (Romans 8:1-2). The law of sin and death was defeated by Christ on Calvary’s cross (Isaiah 14:12-14; Romans 7:17-20).


Once we come to Jesu through Salvation, the life we now live on this earth is not performed by our human talents, but through the Trinity who now abides within us (Galatians 2:20).


Thankfully, the Holy Spirit within reveals to our human heart the truth about our need for a complete manifestation of Christ in us. His presence fills us body, soul and spirit and we make a difference for Him in our world.


Jesus enables us to live as our spiritual self, free from the encumbrances of sin and the flesh. We are now eternally begotten by the Father, grafted into the Vine of Christ and adopted into God’s family.


This spiritual mystery is worth searching for, finding and walking in (Matthew 13:44-46). We are now dead to sin and its allurements, and free in Christ to live as Spirit-led Saints (Galatians 5:15-25); Christ in now our whole life (Colossians 3:3-4).



Father God, we so look forward to dwelling with You in Your glory for eternity. Thank You for allowing us to experience this glory now, while we continue to live in this sin-cursed world. Your Spirit and Your Word make our existence here bearable. Thank You for not leaving us here without Your life available to all who will believe (John 3:16-18).


We want to enjoy Your presence and Your Spirit in us now and to share Your life, Your living water, Your peace and Your joy with anyone who will listen to us testify about the gospel of Christ. He died so that we might live. Now we live so that we may serve You all of our days.


Thought for the Day:

Until the light, life and word of Christ dwell richly in our heart, we are bound by the world, the flesh and the devil to this sin-cursed world in which we must dwell for our whole lifetime. – Colossians 3:16