Without Excuse

The invisible working of God in our lives and on the earth and through history, time and space testifies of His everlasting power and leaves people who reject Him without any excuse (Romans 1:20).


While walking on the beach in South Florida, I found the skull of a fish. On the underside of the jaw was a perfectly formed crucifix, making a clear presentation of the death of Christ on Calvary’s cross.


This reminded me that the Wise Men saw the birth of Christ in a star. These are just two instances where creation clearly reveals the gospel story.


Not only are the Bible prophecies concerning the coming of Christ and end time events true, but nature also confirms the validity of its claims.


Based on this natural evidence, we have no valid excuse not to believe the Bible. For instance, the Bible stated that the world is round before Columbus ever proved its spherical shape.


The Bible mentioned the existence of valleys and springs in the seas; yet, only until the past few hundred years did people have the technology to discover that there are deep valleys and fresh water springs in the oceans (Genesis 7:11, 2 Samuel 22:16, NIV).


The Bible stated that kind words and laughter are good for one’s health; yet, only in recent years have published medical reports stated that laughter releases chemicals within a person’s body that can contribute to one’s health (Proverbs 17:22, Proverbs 16:24, NIV).


In addition, every time an archeologist’s spade splits the earth, they find historical evidence proving the Biblical claims. A shepherd even found proof of the veracity of the Bible when he discovered the perfectly preserved Dead Sea Scrolls hidden in caves.


Noah’s Ark, skeletons of giant men of old, Jericho’s walls falling straight down, gates and temples mentioned in the Bible, tablets of clay confirming Biblical characters, and so much more evidence all substantiate the words of the Bible.


Based on this evidence, we have no valid excuse not to believe the Bible. Clearly, God did not create us and then abandon us on earth.


He reveals Himself to us in so many ways. He even gave us His Word to encourage, instruct, inform and predict His plan for mankind.


Father God, lead in Your everlasting truth, and allow us to serve You on the straight and narrow path throughout life. Continue to prove the authenticity of Your Word, so that others may see and believe.


Draw everyone to You as we lift you up through our thoughts, words and deeds. Give us a heart that follows hard after You with the intensity of a deer panting for a drink of cool, clear water. We consecrate our life to You in Your service, dear King of kings.


Thought for the Day:

Wisdom is skill for living, which we obtain, free for the asking, directly from the throne of God.



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