A Good Marriage – Compliments and Encouragement

The power of encouragement is often forgotten or overlooked. There are too few encouragers left in our world today. Everyone is so stressed out and focused on their life and issues that we forget to bless one another with kind words.

We take each other for granted, even our spouse. We even fail to complement our self. To many people, this is a foreign concept that they never considered doing.

Congratulate yourself when you perform a job well done, encourage yourself when you do your best – even if it turns out not being good enough for others, and forgive yourself when you make an honest mistake.

When we encourage, we do not use flattering words, but use honest and genuine compliments. We can mention actions as well as character.

A person of integrity, warmth, kindness, generosity and spirituality needs encouragement separate from their talents and actions; so they know we appreciate them, not just what they do for us.

Giving hugs is also a great form of encouragement if the other person likes hugs. We can give our self a big hug and pat on the back as well. We do not have to depend on others to bless us.

Reading God’s Word gives us many words of encouragement as we read what God thinks of His children, His bride and His Saints. Other tools for encouragement are: writing notes, a quick email, and short phone call and a small gift for no reason.

Buy from family or friends who are attempting to earn extra money by selling their crafts or downsizing their home. Offer to babysit so a couple can have some time alone together. Read to the children at the local library or school.

We can show appreciation to our self and others when we go the extra mile to help someone in their time of need, or stay late at work to help a coworker meet a deadline, or spend extra time with the children and grandchildren interacting in person and not just sending money or buying gifts.

These are all simple ways we can give back to our family, friends and community and be an encouragement in the name of Christ. We give one another that little extra boost we need to make it through the day.


Father God, Your Word is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path (Psalm 119:105). It not only illuminates the ground around us, but also shines a specific and detailed light right in front of us as we walk through this life. Thank You for keeping us from stumbling and helping us to light the way for those who are walking with or just behind us as well.

Show us specific ways to be more encouraging to our self and others. Remind us to look our loved ones in the eyes, and also to look at our eyes in the mirror when we give an honest compliment. Inspire us with what to say, so we do not say the same thing over and over; but vary our topic and words, so it is more meaningful.

Thought for the Day:

Encouragement takes on many forms and we can experiment with what we are most comfortable using; the idea here is to encourage, regardless of the method, style or words we use; and to help our own soul as well, when we acknowledge our efforts and hard work.



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