God’s Love Abounds

God’s love is often antithetical to the concepts we expect from human love. There is no romance involved in Agape love, no passion or desire, and no human emotion.


It is a choice and a fact, a decision, and often goes against our natural inclinations as human beings. Agape love seeks the welfare of the recipient of this love and has not even one drop of selfishness or ill will (Romans 15:2, 13:8-10).


God’s love is eternal and it is not limited in any way. It seeks to bless everyone without prejudice or partiality. It is not earned or deserved; in fact, God loves us while we are still sinners (Romans 5:8).


If we make the choice to love others as Christ loves us, this love is sacrificial, patient, humble, trusting, hopeful, honors others, perseveres, and is free of jealousy and score keeping. Agape love delights in the truth and has no part in evil of any kind (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).


We may interpret someone’s behavior based on our life history with them, our prejudice or bias, and our perception of their motives and intentions. This may influence the flow of human love between us and them.


However, Agape love has nothing to do with how we feel about the person. We see this person from God’s perception and not our human reasoning. We do not even need to like them…we simply allow God to love them through us.



Father God, teach us to love the whole world as You do. Help us to see everyone we meet as a potential friend rather than as a stranger. Create in us an open mind regarding everyone, rather than a closed or skeptical attitude. Give us a servant’s heart toward everyone and a willingness to help them in the name of Christ.


Create in us a clean heart and a holy spirit that is sacrificial in our attitude toward people – even those we do not like or who are abrasive and what we term as unlovable. Help us to see everyone through Your eyes and to set aside our human impression of them so that You can love them through us.


Thought for the Day:

As God’s ambassadors, we even love our enemies and we are generous and kind to those who abuse and neglect us; because the love of God rules and reigns in our heart.



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