Out of Our Control

Choosing to think, speak and feel only about the positive aspects of life takes practice. Some people believe this shuts off a whole side of our human existence.


Yet, when we wallow in self-pity, continually focus on the negative and allow Satan to drown us in melancholia, we cross the line into destructive behavior. Even in his most grief-stricken Psalm, King David always ended on a positive note that proved he trusted in God alone.


As the Psalmist did, it is advisable for us to take our negative feelings and thoughts to God. He will help us to feel our grief and losses, to change our perspective about them, and then to find comfort for our soul in His love.


Our thoughts, just like our behavior, are a choice that we make. We can choose to find God’s perception on our trials and discouragements, rather than to fall for Satan’s lies about them, or to believe our human understanding concerning our thoughts and feelings.


We step out of the natural realm of life and step up into the spiritual realm, where God dwells. We stop grubbing around eating dirt like a worm and take flight into the Heavenlies like a butterfly.


We wait on the Lord until He enlightens our thoughts with His perception of the issues in our life; and then we soar like eagles above every circumstance, knowing that God has our life in His capable hands.


Although the aspects of our life appear to be random and out of control, we can be assured that God has everything in His control; and that as we trust in Him alone, He will work out every sliver of activity for our ultimate good.



Father God, we often allow the stress of life to send spurts of harmful adrenalin throughout our body, in an attempt to spur us into actions. Our human mind is thinking that this deluge might help us to change the situation. Most often, there is absolutely nothing we can do to change matters, because they are controlled by other people, time, and even by the whims of fate. All of that excess of adrenalin affects both our body and soul.


Remind us that we can stand firm on the fact that nothing in our life happens at random. There is always some person (and it may even be our own actions causing the negative aspects), behind every action, which is effecting the outcome of our situation.


Your unconditional love often allows us to reap the consequences of our and of another person’s choices; but just as often, Your mercy and grace override the natural situation and help us to reap positive blessings from things that were meant for our harm (Genesis 50:20).


Thought for the Day:

The Good News of the Gospel is that Jesus overcame the world through Calvary; and since He abides within us, He is also working on our behalf to influence the outcome of our circumstances for our good. – Galatians 2:20, Romans 8:28


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