Mindful of the Moment – Part 2 – Staying Healthy

Stress is a killer and causes many illnesses; these cause financial damage, disrupted schedules, inconvenience and loss of equilibrium. Listening to our body is very important.


We do not put off that bathroom break. We utilize those minutes to empty our bladder, as well as our soul of stress. We do not skip the daily ritual of cleanliness and beauty treatments; we enjoy the solitude of these times, and do not allow life to hurry us, by giving our self this time to pamper our body, soul and spirit.


Another way to stay healthy is to eat healthy meals, cut back on sugar and processed foods – or eliminate them all together from the diet. We take the time to pay attention to our soul too – our thoughts, feelings and choices.


Journaling during the day rids our subconscious of those nagging thoughts and to-do lists. Enjoy life, laugh at yourself, make a joke for everyone to enjoy, plan time for hobbies or a movie, walk outside and smile at the sunshine, appreciate family and friends, and take time for devotional studies and prayer.


Cut back on clutter both mentally and physically. Simplify life by having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place. Do not buy it if it will clutter up your life.


Finding an exercise plan that you enjoy, helps you to do it every day. Start a new hobby with a loved one and enjoy each other’s company at the same time. Slow, easy communication in a marriage and family helps to foster more love.



Father God, remind us that Satan devises plans to sidetrack us with pursuits that appear good and wholesome, but they keep us from accomplishing Your will for our life. The devil and the world fill our life with clutter to distract us from enjoying Your peace that transcends all human reasoning.


Help us to spend time with You throughout the day, listening to Your Spirit’s direction and walking in Your perfect will. Remind us not to make our own plans and expect You to sanction them, but to seek Your face and to live a life of worship to You that includes everything we think, say and do; even as simple as what we eat and drink, and what chores we chose to do each day (Proverbs 3:5-6; 1 Corinthians 10:31).


Thought for the Day:

Love God with all of your soul…and love others as you love yourself. If we do not love our self, how can we love others? Codependently…which actually harms everyone involved. Take time to love yourself too.



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