A Lifestyle Worthy of Jesus’ Name

Paul admonishes us to serve the Lord as bond servants; and to please Him, rather than people. He recommends that we do God’s will from our soul – with our whole heart (Ephesian 6:6).


Our lifestyle is to be worthy of the name of Jesus, regardless of where we are or who is watching us. We put our whole spirit and soul into our work to further the faith in others; so they can believe the Good News of the gospel of Christ (Philippians 1:27).


As Believers in Christ, we serve together in unity of soul, sharing the love of God with a common bond and unified purpose (Philippians 2:2). We do everything for God’s glory, not our own (Colossians 3:23).


Our God of peace Himself completely sanctifies us until our entire body, soul and spirit are preserved blameless when Jesus returns for His beloved Bride (1 Thessalonians 5:23).


He uses His living and powerful Word as a double-edged sword to divide the very depths and marrow of our soul from our spirit. His Word helps us to discern the thoughts and intentions of our heart as He perfect us in thought, word and deed (Hebrews 4:12).


We thirst as a newborn baby for the pure milk of the Word, which helps us to grow into maturity from salvation (1 Peter 2:2). Our soul and spirit, made righteous by the blood of Christ, are grieved by the lawless words and deeds of those who dwell around us.


We live by faith, unwavering in our commitment to God, who takes pleasure in us when we do not shrink back into the world’s destructive philosophy and behavior (Hebrews 10:38-39; 1 Peter 2:11).



Father God, help us to turn sinners from the error of their ways; so their soul is saved from the second death, and their multitude of sins are covered by the blood of Christ, just as ours are (James 5:20). Help us to prosper in all things, even as our soul prospers, and to be healthy in body, soul and spirit (3 John 1:2).


Show those people, who are determined to follow the ways of the world, that the dainty and sumptuous carnal fruit, which their soul lusts after on this earth, will be lost to them in the world to come; and that they will lose their own soul in the process (Revelation 18:14). Help them to respond to Your Spirit now before it is too late for them to come to Christ.


Thought for the Day:

The hope we have in Christ Jesus is an anchor for our soul, giving us an indisputable and unfaltering hope that leads us into the very presence of God, behind the temple veil. – Hebrews 6:19



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