Wisdom from Above

We often lack wisdom and understanding in this life. It may come from a lack of training at home, a genetic deficiency, a sheltered life or a poor education.


We are not prepared to face the constant adversity and challenges of daily living. God promises to give us the wisdom we need, if we simply ask (James 1:5).


His wisdom is well beyond our years and also comes from senior Saints who experienced more of God and life’s complications than we have. We only need to listen to their advice rather than thinking we know better than they do.


Basically, most humans are self-confident fools and pseudo-intellectuals who lack basic understanding (Isaiah 32:1-6). However, as we rely on God for wisdom, we end up speaking the inspiration provided by His Spirit.


We utter truth and refrain from saying curse words and making foolish remarks from confused thinking. Our thoughts and words are righteous; and there is no guile of lies from the devil mixed up in them.


Those who have a heart after God see the wisdom in our thoughts and words and agree with us. Only those with the eyes of their understanding clouded by sin refuse to see the spiritual insight in what we say and do.


They live in their own world of deception and believe in the lies fed to them by the “guru’s” of this world (2 Peter 3:14-18). They judge our wisdom from above as crooked, perverse and contrary to their truth.


Yet, whoever comes to Christ finds true wisdom and priceless treasure beyond their wildest imagination; finds favor with the highly exalted King of all kings; and prospers in all of his/her ways (Psalm 119:1-2, 128:1-2; Luke 11:28).



Father God, thank You for teaching us Your Truth and leading us on the paths of spiritual understanding. They are more costly than silver and more precious than gold. They are more beautiful than rubies and pearls and are more desirable than what the world we live in considers as valuable (Job 28:15; Psalm 19:10, 119:127).


You teach us knowledge, prudence and discretion and give us Your power (James 1:5). We abide in our worship of You and we hate evil; we walk away from pride and arrogance with perverted thoughts, desires, words and actions (Romans 13:1; Daniel 2:21). We remain in You and walk in Your ways all the days of our life.


Thought for the Day:

God loves those who love Him, seek His wisdom and dedicate their every waking moment to His service, regardless of our secular training or vocation. – 1 Samuel 2:30; John 14:21; James 1:5


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