The Color of Noise

Scientists discovered that there are “colors of noise” in our world. They are separated by their spectral density over different frequencies of sound. (


It starts with White noise, which has equal amount of energy in all frequency bands. Then it proceeds through the spectrum of colors to Black noise, which refers to silence with occasional spikes of sound.


Every band of White noise has equal energy per cycle and is completely flat. It is synonymous with white light. It has the ability to cut through the background noises and promote sleep; yet it can also produce percussive noises such at cymbals and drums.


Black noise is White noise that is silent, and can be defined as pure silence or negative noise.


Green noise is mid-point of the White-Black noise spectrum. It is the background noises in the world in which we live. It is averaged over a long length of time in several outdoor sites around our world.


Pink noise has equal bands that get proportionately wider. It is the same as our human hearing and has the same energy as the octave above and below it. It is useful in testing amplifiers and loudspeakers, radiation output and DNA sequences.


Red/Brown noise (Brownian noise) sounds like a low roar and is used in climatology to describe regime shifts.


Blue noise is at the other end of the spectrum from Brownian noise. Our retinal cells are arranged in Blue noise patterns and they provide good visual resolution. Violet noise increases per octave over the frequency range and can mask high frequencies, which helps many tinnitus sufferers.


Grey noise helps when noise occurs in both high and low frequencies, but very little in the range of normal human hearing. It is useful in studying hearing difficulties and differences from the normal range of human hearing.


Orange noise has a few bands eliminated entirely and reveals sound that is off key and out of tune, because it is not exact musical notes.


In a world where even light makes noise, we are called upon to adjust our “headphones” to hear only the voice of God. We block out all of the fleshly, worldly and satanic static in the chaos of life swirling all around us.


We rise above the dissonance of our concerns and we enter a new realm of the peace and joy, being led only by the Spirit of God. The full power of Christ’s divine nature infuses the body, soul and spirit of each authentic Believer (John 8:12).




Father God, awaken our sleepy soul and raise us from spiritual apathy and death. Remind us that Christ lives as a light within us, showing us the way You would have us to walk in this world. Help us to pay attention to how we live, so that we use Your wisdom in all that we say and do.


Remind us to make the most of the time You give us and not to foolishly use it for our own selfish gains. Help us to hear the way in which we should walk and to lift up our soul to You alone (Psalm 143:8). Show us Your will for our life and help us to keep in step with Your Spirit (Ephesians 5:14-17). Teach us to block out all the “colors of noise” bombarding us, and how to give You our direct attention through each moment of our life.


Thought for the Day:

Let us live life in full awareness of the immense potential available to us though our union with Christ; every negative circumstance, which life throws at us, can be overcome by faith in God through Christ within us.


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