Spiritually Minded

The Lord Jesus Christ is God (Matthew 1:23). He saves us, rejoices over us with gladness, quiets us with His love and rejoices over us with singing (Zephaniah 3:17). He dwells in the midst of our life.


Jesus provided this union for us with the triune God through His death and resurrection. We have a personal, intimate relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Walking in the Spirit is not reserved for a few individuals, but is available for all authentic Believers who are willing to lay down their life and to allow Christ to live in them and through them (1 Peter 2: 21-25).


His Holy Spirit steadily draws us toward perfection as He convicts us of sin, and empowers us to walk in victory over these alluring transgressions. Slowly, our soul – our mind, will and emotions – is sanctified, and readily rejects worldly pursuits.


We come to desire nothing more than to remain hidden with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3). As we fully absorb the concept that Christ now lives His life in and through us, we, as the Body of Christ, will truly make a difference in the world around us. We seek eternal goals and dreams, rather than material ones.


Christ in us put an end to sin and death in us. Now we can concentrate on His spiritual truth, rather than carnal limitations that we face in life. We are dead in Christ, but also risen with Christ, in all of His wisdom, power and strength (Galatians 2:20).


God has a perfect will for our life, which surmounts the physical restrictions of this earthly realm (Acts 8:39). With Christ in us, time, space and matter no longer confine us. Jesus proved this when He walked on water and raised the dead.


If God needs us to walk on water, move a mountain or raise the dead, He is in us to break these yokes (Matthew 17:20). The negative aspects and encounters we face in life take on a new meaning. We see them as instruments of God to improve our obedience and to perfect our faith.


We view trouble and trials from an eternal mindset now. They no longer cause worry or stress, because we know without a doubt that God is in control even in these difficulties.


Maybe our house burned down, the boss increased our quota, our loved one passed away, our mate divorced us, the bank account is empty or a child is bent on rebellion, etc. However, God is in control of even these trying times.


The soul in union with Christ no longer wastes any energy on worldly issues. We keep our focus solely on God, and His peace reigns in our heart (John 14:27). We live in Him and by Him, because He dwells within us.



Lord Jesus, we long to live as exact replicas of You. You lived in love, humility and surrender to our Father. Help us to pattern our life after You, so that everything we say and do will last throughout eternity. Your coming brought eternity into the present for all Believers.


We live in eternity with You now, because You reside in our spirit. Thank You for Your sacrifice and for opening Your heart to us and including us in Your Body. You are our joy, our life, our peace and our salvation. We eternally lift up our praises to You.


Thought for the Day:

We experience God’s best when we completely surrender our life to Him.


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