An Anchor for Our Soul

God gave us negative emotions in order to detect when something is wrong in our body, soul or spirit. They are safety precautions – flashing red lights to get our attention.


God provided them to protect us. We can take a searching moral and emotional inventory throughout the day to discern the sources of these negative thoughts, feelings and behavior.


As wounded individuals, we feel these slights and infractions on our personal space more vividly. Another person’s words and actions trigger our defensive responses, which help us to survive.


However, we may find our self fearing a change or a negative response from someone that is not actually affecting our stability or security at all. It is their choice and bypasses our life entirely.


In this case, we pray for them, but do not attempt to control or influence their behavior. If they ask for our advice, we are free to give it. If we are safe, their behavior is really none of our business.


We fear the unknown aspects of life and we even dwell on eventual negative scenarios, fueled by our traumatized soul, in order to protect our self from the possible inevitability of these trying or debilitating circumstances.


We may cling to neurotic, addictive or compulsive behaviors in order to give our self a semblance of normalcy. We attempt to avoid the pain by defending our self with anger and other survival modes. We want to protect our self from further wounding.


We fill the emptiness within our soul with people, amassing worldly goods, increasing our bank account and providing our self with security in any way we can. We escape through addictions.


Certain triggers in life release a rush of adrenalin into our body and cause us to fight or flight. They hold power over our life and define our responses to people, places and events.


Triggers magnify our thoughts into extremes, which prevent us from clearly viewing a situation as it is actually transpiring. We need an anchor in order to keep our soul focused on the reality of what is going on around us.


These anchors can be a person, a piece of jewelry, our car keys, a Bible verse that we repeat as a mantra, something in the doctor’s office that we can focus on to keep our self grounded in reality instead of controlled by illogical fears of the unknown.


Yet, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the only truly fulfilling anchor for our soul. Hiding under His wings within our spirit, we find a safe refuge and a high tower which provides safety regardless of circumstances around us.



Father God, due to negative feelings of being unworthy and unlovable, we fear our past and do not want to embrace the future with faith in your faithfulness. Our fear paralyzes any attempts You make to set us free indeed (John 8:36), until we learn that Your faithfulness is stronger than all of our fears.


Thank You for teaching us to laugh at our foibles, to take our self less seriously, to relinquish the need for perfection and to enjoy life with the freedom of flexibility. You fill our life with Your presence, which alleviates our loneliness and anxiety. Your faith and courage within us give us the ability to face our woundedness, to heal and to walk in the freedom of Christ in us.


Thought for the Day:

There is no need to judge our self for our negative emotions and attitudes, because we developed them to ensure our survival; but now we can align our self with God’s Word and enjoy the freedom of His presence and Spirit within us.

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