Safety in the Lord

Regardless of our earthly circumstance, God Himself is our refuge during our trials, and our strength to make Godly choices in spite of how much pain we are experiencing. He is always ready to help us during difficulty.

We experience numerous negative issues in this life including illness, natural disasters, war, fire, loss of a loved one through death or divorce, etc.; yet, God is with us through them all, calming our fears.

Although He brings destruction on ungodly nations, He also blesses Godly nations with His glorious works. Every nation will obey Him throughout the whole world, and will bow their knee to His Lordship (Romans 14:11).

He will ultimately end all wars on the earth, and destroy the implements of war; bringing peace and His goodness on all those who honor Him with their life.

The city of God is our future dwelling place. There is a river, which brings joy to the sacred home of our most high God, and we will abide with Him forever.

The voice of the Lord can melt the earth; yet the God of angel armies is our fortress, living among us. He is our dwelling place and He also dwells within us, making our way straight and providing us with an everlasting fortress (Psalm 46).

It is a safe dwelling place and can never be destroyed, even when earthly kingdoms crumble in chaos. There is no one like our God, who rides the heavens to come to our aid with all of His majesty streaking through the skies in our defense.

His everlasting arms gird us and He drives out our enemies before us (Deuteronomy 33:26-27). We have all of God’s fullness within us at the moment of our salvation; and as we surrender to His will, He manifests more of Himself through us.

His heavenly dew refreshes us in times of spiritual drought and He leads us to dwell in the land of plenty. He saves us from calamity and is our shield and sword in the face of our enemies (Deuteronomy 33:28-29).

Father God, I am so glad that we have all of eternity to praise and worship You for Your magnanimous blessings to us during our sojourn on this earth. Your name is our high tower and we run into it and are saved from life’s evil and disappointments (Proverbs 18:10).

Only in You do we place our trust (Psalm 91:2; Proverbs 29:25). You are our loving God and there is no one else like You. You are great and Your name is great in all the earth (Psalm 144:2; Jeremiah 10:6). We give You all the praise and glory, which is due to Your name.

Thought for the Day:
Whoever surrenders to the Lord has a secure fortress in this life and the next, and He is an eternal refuge for our children and children’s children.
– Proverbs 14:26


2 thoughts on “Safety in the Lord

    • I am so glad that what God used to encourage me also encouraged you. This is taken from Psalm 46 mostly, which inspired what I wrote. Thank you for your words of encouragement to me. God bless you now and always, kat

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