My Soul Yearns – A Prayer

Prayer: My Soul Yearns

Father God, I wait for You. All of my thoughts, words and deeds are aligned with Your Biblical precepts because Your good name and Your memory of me are the desire of my soul. My soul hungers for You all day long, but especially in the night watches when I attentively seek only You (Isaiah 26:8-9).

My heart trusts in Your loyal love for me, which pours over me like a waterfall all day long. You are always there to help me in any time of trouble. My heart rejoices in Your salvation, with which You so lavishly wrap me. I will sings praises to You, Lord, because of the bountiful blessings You continually bestow on me (Psalm 13:4-5).

On my bed, I remember all You did for me today and I think of You throughout the night watches (Psalm 63:6). My heart rejoices in Your goodness to me, and I sing songs of gratitude to You in my heart (Psalm 28:7). I gaze upon the beauty of Your countenance within me, and I hide in the refuge of Your wings, because You will never leave my soul impoverished (Psalm 141:8).

As I lift up my soul to You, I hear Your unfailing love come to me in new ways every morning. As I depend on You for my day, You give me direction for each moment (Psalm 143:8). My soul glorifies You, Lord, and my soul is at rest because of the abundance of good blessings You shower on me each new day (Luke 1:46; Psalm 116:7).

I awaken and my soul cries out to You all through the night watches. I pour my heart out in Your presence and You hear me. I lift up my hands to You as I pray for the unreached people groups, the persecuted church, impoverished children around the world, my loved ones living in service to You, my unsaved family members and the churches that are carrying Your name and furthering Your Kingdom (Lamentations 2:19).

At times, my soul yearns and even despairs of ever reaching Your courts. My heart and my aging body cry out to be with You, our living God (Psalm 84:2). God, You are my God. I will earnestly seek You, because my soul thirsts for You and my body yearns for Your courts as I trust in Your love and kindness in this dry and weary land, parched of the living water of life (Psalm 63:1).

In Jesus’ name and for Your glory. Amen

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