Living in God’s Presence

Many people are too busy to hear the call of God’s Spirit within them to abide alone in His presence and to come and rest a little while. We fill our days and nights with chores and activities, and then sit in front of the TV or radio if we have a moment to spare! We also have texting, instant messages, and social media to keep us occupied; sometimes, even after we turn off the light and go to bed!

God’s Spirit is calling us to cease from our labors and to enter into God’s rest (Hebrews 4:1-10). God captivates us and draws us closer to Him with each passing day. He calls us to wait on Him and to luxuriate in His holiness, love, peace and joy. In our spirit, we experience the delights of fellowshipping with the Spirit of the King of Kings. We focus only on God and tune out the world around us.

Our desire for intimacy with God increases daily. In our quiet times, He reveals to us the truths of His Word and the answers to our questions. We choose to make our self available to service in any area, which God highlights for us to do. We live in more and more victory over sin and more peace in our soul (Isaiah 26:3). The angel of the Lord camps all around us to protect and care for us (Psalm 34:7).

The divine nature of Christ replaces the carnal nature of our humanity (2 Peter 1:4). We are more spiritually minded and we care less about the aspects of this world. We sit at Jesus’ feet and soak up His presence, even if we sit in companionable silence. We eventually physically leave this place of solitude, but we remain there spiritually through each moment of the day.

Father God, remind us that we can come to the place where we live in Your presence and never leave. We can carpool the children, give our boss 100% of our effort, provide for our family and nurture our mate as we dwell under the shadow of Your wings. We can view life’s disappointments, heartbreaks and successes from Your eyes and react to life’s stresses with Your character rather than our human nature.

Thought for the Day:
We continually remain in God’s presence each moment of the day and walk in His Spirit to accomplish the works, which He calls us to perform. – Ephesians 2:10

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